I need Farrah Abraham to go away. Seriously, the woman who was made "famous" by being on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" simply will not going way. I'm over her.

First, she leaked her own sex tape (that was actually a full-on porno co-starring James Deen), and now it seems she's taking a stab at establishing a music career. Too bad she can't sing and her lyrics are terrible. (There's a video, too. Hooray.)

The "Teen Mom" star's debut single is called "Blowin'", and it contains lyrical magic that could only be created by Farrah herself, including such awesome lines as, "Casted out. Now your standin out. Like a star. Be true to you. Topin [sic] all the charts." AND, the poorly spelled and pronounced, "Celeburty. Celeburty. Celeburty."

And, of course, there's the autotune.