If you've ever taken part in a Secret Santa gift exchange, you know it can be complicated. How do you find a "general gift" that some random person will love?

Well, worry no more, Chief, Jojo has solved all your Secret Santa issues!!

Here are a few Secret Santa gift suggestions under $25 that will satisfy anyone, but mostly, your pocketbook:

And here's a few random other goofy Secret Santa ideas:

  • Taco Holder - everyone needs it (okay, not everyone, but anyone who doesn't like tacos is not my friend).
  • New Mac Candle - nothing like the sweet smell of a new Apple product.
  • Multi Kitchen Tool - an eight-in-one kitchen tool that's a real space saver.
  • Droid Apron - for those who cook dinner when they're not saving the galaxy.
  • A Board Game - these are easy to find, and everyone loves them.

Here are more super Secret Santa suggestions - and happy giving!