Everyday we ask you our "Text Question of the Day" and you send us your response.  Today we asked "If The Olympics Were Life, What Would You Win A Gold Medal At?"  Our intern, Cheyenne, came up with that text question!  If you have a suggestion for text question of the day you can text it to us at 616-770-8957.

We definitely got some interesting answers.  If you didn't get a chance to send your response, feel free to post it in the comments.  Here are your responses:

  • In the Olympics of life I am succeeding in my marriage 32 years with my wonderful husband and best friend
  • I'm winning at being forever single 😂😭
  • Im winning by drinking an unhealthy amount of coffee to be able to function fully as a paramedic.
  • Text Poll: in the olympics of life, I'm winning the gold medal in being tired all the time, and the gold medal in finally having cleaned my spot.
  • I win the olympics for being a good mom! Not sure how I gotta so darn fortunate to have an amazing daughter but she's a recent CUM grad Connie!! Fire up chips!! Working full time at a great job, paying her bills and student loans and just got accepted to the peace corps for Rwanda Africa!! She leaves in September fir two and a half years!! Although I'm so so sad to see her go my heart swells with pride! She's my gold medal for sure!!
  • I'm winning the gold medal I'm not getting enough sleep
  • Jumping through hoops
  • In the Olympics of life I'm definitely winning at being late to work on Mondays...
  • I am winning a gold medal at managing work and school! #associatesdegreeat27
  • The gold medal in beer drinking
  • Found the love of my life 5 years ago. At a funeral 😔. However, something fantastic came out of a very sad situation . I was 45 years old!!
  • Gold medal in answering these text questions and never hearing my answer! Probably because I'm out of the car and headed into the office, right?
  • Olympics of life: I am winning at being an awesome cat mom.
  • Fatherhood
  • Being a mom :) #killinit
  • According to my kid, I'm gold medaling in drinking wine. I asked him what he's gold medaling in. He said being a smartass. Touche
  • I'm gold medaling at not punching Joyce every day 😉
  • I'm winning a gold metal by listening to C&F every day! Best radio show ever!!!