Did you see or read this?  Where were you reading it?  No, seriously!

A new survey found that 75% of Americans have used a mobile device while on the toilet.  For 28 to 35 year olds, that number goes to 91%.

Back in the days of corded phones, no internet, three broadcast TV channels and VHS tapes, going into the bathroom offered a  bit of solace.  No longer.

Americans of all ages now talk, text, surf the web and other stuff when they're on the toilet. Even people over 65 years old do it; okay, 47% of them, at least.

I also laugh at the other stats...

25% won't go to the bathroom without their phone/mobile device. 63% have answered calls.  41% have called someone. And people with children are more likely to talk on the phone than child-free people.

And what do you do if nature just won't wait for that conference call?  Go ahead and join it!  20% of men and 13% of women have joined in a conference call while on the can.

What was that noise?