How is it that the worst day of the year follows the very best day of the year?
Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.  It’s a day that is supposed to be about being thankful and enjoying Food, Football, Family, and Friends along with the typical day off work.


Now people in the emergency world of retail have to work on this very special day. Yup you heard correctly, RETAIL PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK ON THANKSGIVING, so corporations can get every penny out of the working stiff.

Black Friday has always been a day where people sacrifice time with the family for the best deal on things that will not make them happy five years from now. They leave on a night when they should be enjoying the people in their lives that are fortunate enough to still be with us in this ever short world of life. Why? Because we have to… to save money.

Many do not like the day after the very best day of the year at all, it has turned what should be a great weekend, into one of the most dreaded.

On top of this all customers are having to do crazy things in order to assure that they get the very best deals, here is just the story to back up why many dislike Black Friday. Pepper spray? Really?

In a world where everyone is offended by everything that does not matter…how does Black Friday and what people will do to get the best deal along with your loved ones working on Thanksgiving not offend you, when it takes away from you and your entire family?