For last ten years, Thanksgiving has been one of those holidays I could give or take. I mean, I live 300 miles away from my family, and usually have to work the day before and day after. I don't really have any traditions, except for going to dinner at someone else's family's house (and I'm grateful that over the years many families have taken me in.)

This year, oddly, I had a ton of plans! Thursday morning, my boyfriend and I headed over to his parents' house to enjoy a meal with his extended family. We gorged ourselves on turkey and green bean casserole, and watched the first half of the Lions game. Then, we had to take off for meal number two!

"Loser Thanksgiving" is something one of my co-workers has been hosting at his house for a few years now. It's a gathering for those of us who wouldn't generally have anywhere else to go. Even though we were still stuffed, we ate more surrounded by friends, co-workers, and some new faces. Far better than spending the day surrounded by family members who you may not even like.

Friday, after spending a couple of hours at Art Van in Grandville, we headed to our third meal of the holiday. An event simply titled "Thanksgiving, too" was held at our friend Steve's house. His girlfriend and some of his friends drove in from New Jersey for a celebration of epic proportions. Not only was there a deep fried turkey, there was also a guy in a full on turkey suit!

AND, to top it all off, a mustache contest and an awesome game of "Apples to Apples".

The moral of the story, sometimes you have to make your own traditions. And sometimes, those traditions include mustaches.