2017 has been one heck of a year, so let's look back at some of the best videos from Connie and Fish!

#5 - Connie and Fish Cribs

Yo yo yo! We are giving you a complete tour of the Connie and Fish Crib! Bet you don't have live wires, black mold, a warehouse, and clean air machines up in your crib! We know you jelly, but try not to be because we've put in a lot of hard work to earn a crib like this!

#4 - 11 Things Guys Do When Their Partners Are Away

Fish's Wife was out of town for the weekend and he had the house all to himself. What is a guy to do!? Well, we are here to show you just what guys do when you are away!

#3 - This is What Connie, Fish, and Steve Do After Their Show

Wendy was walking down the hall past Connie and Fish's office this morning when she noticed them doing something a little strange.

#2 - Steve's Halloween Costume

Steve went as the sexiest woman alive for Halloween, his wife!!

#1 - Connie, Fish and Christine throw Steve and Britt a Baby Shower

A few days before Charlotte was born, the MIX 95.7 crew got together and through Steve and Britt a baby shower!

Bonus - Welcome Fish!

This was the first video that Fish was in after he started a several months ago!