First off, NO, that is not my child pictured. I am a pretty private person, getting me to open up probably is not gonna happen much, but as time passes I'm becoming more nervous about my daughter growing up. 

I have lots of things to worry about, so just trust me when I say, I have too many to list. I tried my best however, and here it is in the list of the Top 5 things that worry me the most about having a daughter.

1. Body Appearance
OK, so I know boys have appearance issues too, seeing as how I am one myself. I know, NEWSFLASH, right. lol.  I do worry about it more with my soon to be daughter. Fake perfection is all the media tries to expose and I know how much she’s going to be exposed to it. I want her to love her body and not feel that it’s too big or too small or needs to change to make others happy. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin and will do my best to help her feel that way.

2. Hitting Puberty
HELP ME LORD!!! This is gonna be the death of me. The whole first menstruation, buying a bra, shaving her legs, needing deodorant, skin problems.... AHHHHH!!!. I worry that it’ll happen too early or too late. I worry about the hormones and the impending attitude. I worry about boys (or girls!) taunting her if it doesn't happen exactly along the lines of everyone else. I worry about the creepy men... need I go on?

3. The 3 Letter word!
Puberty enemtually leads to sex– learning about sex, talking about sex, thinking about sex and (god forbid) having sex. While I prefer to believe my daughter will stay innocent forever, I know that is never going to happen. I hope that my fiance and I do a good job in teaching her self-respect and understanding the consequences of her actions. I can only pray that she only encounters nice boys, who will respect her and her decisions as what she will and will not do. I pray that if she has questions and is ever unsure, that she feels safe enough to come and talk with me. You want honesty? Well you are getting it!

4. People Can Be Mean
I saw this movie play out before, so I'll keep it simple.  They scare me more than anything because of how this can effect a young person psyche.  We have all encountered mean people, we know the effect they can have. Enough said.

5. Peer Pressure
This really covers everything and most from above including the #4 post. No matter what situation my little girl will find herself in, I want her to be comfortable enough in her to stand up for what she believes in. Although I'm sure that will happen, she is her fathers daughter. I want her to feel ok being the odd ball out figurativly speaking.  I definitely caved to some of the pressure on more than a few occasions and know she will too, but I want her to know that most of her friends will be just as uncomfortable as she matter the situation. And sometimes, it just takes one person to say “no thank you” to give the rest of the crowd permission to say the same. I hope I raise that child. If not, that’s ok too. She’ll live and learn, but I hope that I can give her that confidence in herself.

There it is, glad I can vent to you. What worries you about raising your daughter?