Okay, I decided to watch the American Music Awards last night.  I did this to keep up on the performers, whats hot & whats not, also the live performances are entertaining.  Here is my conclusion...

1)  Miley Ray (Hanna Montana) Cyrus is a HORRIBLE live vocalist.  It's apparent that the "studio tricks" have made her sound appealing enough to the tweens, to sell records and make Disney a LOT of money!

2)  There is a huge lack of serious "talent" to be a pop-star these days.  (I can lip-sync too!)

3)  Skeptical as to the A.M.A.s being on ABC (the parent company of Disney).  Due to the overwhelming amount of Disney's tween musical acts being considered actual "talented performers"

4)  I used to sing in the shower during puberty.  I should of had my mommy record me singing in the shower and send the tapes to Disney.  I'd be rich!  (like Justin Bieber)

5)  You must NOT posses ANY ability to play ANY musical instrument or sing in tune for that matter.  The cool vocal machines (similar to those of a expensive karaoke machine) will fix all that.

6)  Although I've followed Kid Rock through his Vanilla Ice lookalike / sound alike days (late 80's), his rock-rap days (mid-late 90's) and his onslaught of the country scene (2Ks), I must say his vocal coach has done a MARVALOUS job!

Final thought... I need to buy a Casio keyboard with a built in drum machine, shave my undersides and buy green & purple pleather clothes, send my video to some major record company as I am too old for Disney & Nickelodeon now (dammit!), get on the cover of Tween Beat magazine and never have to work again. 

In all seriousness there were some good performances, but the fact that this spectacle looked like a children's event, made me sad (or just feel really old).  Poor Bon Jovi, looked so out of place.  Similar to being wheelchaired up on stage and presented as, "the old crooner" (that was never said), but that's almost how it was presented.

What were your thoughts on last night's American Music Awards?  I would love to know.