Have you ever felt that your boobs are off? One melon seems to be more dominant or saggier than the other? Well you're in luck because 100% of women have breast asymmetry.

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Maman, states that having lopsided boobs is completely normal! There's multiple reasons why they're uneven but the most common reason is due to an anatomical fetal development. There's usually different volumes of breast tissue or different sizes and shapes of the breast pocket. Asymmetry can also be due to elasticity in the skin as we age and from breastfeeding.

Breasts can vary from a subtle difference to a whole cup size or more. One can be perkier or saggier than the other and it's not just boobs that are misaligned, nipples are wack too! Nipples come in all shapes and sizes from being inverted to discolored or just plain lopsided.

Unfortunately exercise alone won't fix your crooked jugs or nips. But, like everything, they can be cured with plastic surgery. But just remember all boobs are good boobs and what you choose to do with them is aye-okay! Flaunt your knockers ladies!