Texas native Sean Lowe was the third runner up in the 2012 season of 'The Bachelorette.' With Emily's big choice between Arie and Jef on the horizon, Sean has some insight into her thought process as well as the general feeling he has about the upcoming finale.

Sean Lowe Interview Part 1

The feelings are real, and they never tell you what to say.  Like the conversation(s) you hear the guys having, that's real.

Sean Lowe Interview Part 2

... Most people go into it with the wrong intentions ... some people might seriously think they might spend the rest of their life with that person.  And then the show ends and they think, uhm, I want to move to Hollywood instead.

Sean Lowe Interview Part 3

The fact that she had a child ... it didn't affect me whatsoever.  In fact, I was almost more attracted to her because every time she talked about Ricky, you know her face lit up and I could tell that she was just full of love.

The 2-hour finale airs next week on July 22nd at 8pm on ABC, followed by the 'After The Final Rose' episode at 10pm.