The Papal Conclave that is currently going on in the Vatican is an extremely important historical event. Not only because this is the first time in a long time that a Pope has resigned, but also because, hey, they're appointing a new Pope! I've been watching the coverage pretty religiously (ha! See what I did there?) waiting for the white smoke that will signify that the new Pope has been chosen, and have been sad every time I see black smoke instead. So, to pass the time, I've been deciding who I think are the best dressed Cardinals at the Conclave. Check them out after the jump!

Archbishop of Wien Cardinal Christoph Schonborn

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

This guy has not one, but TWO hats. You can't get more stylish than that, really. (Yes, I know they all have two hats. And yes, I know they're not actually called hats.)

US Cardinal and Archbisop of Boston Patrick O'Malley

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Archbishop O'Malley really knows how to accessorize practically. You never know when you'll need an umbrella (and from the looks of things, it's been pretty rainy at the Vatican). And (as seen below) he wears a mitre pretty well.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Ghanian Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

While many of the Cardinals wear pretty basic un-embellished red robes, Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson has some nice, and elegant embroidery on his. From what I've read, the style of robe you wear completely depends on where you live.

American Cardinals Sean P. O'Malley, Keith O'Brien and Timothy M. Dolan

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Prior to heading to the Vatican to start their duties of appointing the new Pope, the Cardinals were able to wear slightly more casual clothing than the red robes we've been seeing them in. I really like these black robes with the red sashes. Black is good for any season AND it's slimming.

Cardinal Baselois Cleemis Thottunkal

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

I'm going to go ahead and give Cardinal Baselois Cleemis Thottunkal my "Best Dressed Of The Conclave" award. I mean, how could I not? Awesome hat - check. Beard - check. Snazzy black suit - check. Aviator sunglasses - check. He's the total package.