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Okay, so it may be my personal opinion when I say it's the "best sushi" in town but Jaku Sushi & Grill was voted as one of the favorites in Grand Rapids Magazine's "best of" issue earlier this year so I'm not far off in my opinion. Either way, Jaku Sushi is sooo delicious and it's always packed when I go so it's no surprise that the restaurant will be opening a second location!

The announcement was made on their Facebook page.

Currently, Jaku is located in Caledonia and will be opening their second restaurant in the Knapp's area. Judging by the Facebook post it looks like they will take the spot where the Green Restaurant used to be on Beltline Ave. Green closed their doors in February.

The owners of Jaku hope to have this new place open by the end of summer in August or September.

If you haven't been to Jaku Sushi & Grill yet, do yourself a favor and get there NOW!! They not only have fresh and amazing dishes but their sushi burritos are to die for! I promise you, it's not as weird as it sounds (or as some people think it does).

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