When it came to the category of Best New Artist at last night's Grammy's, there were some strong contenders. Justin Bieber, Florence & The Machine, and Mumford & Sons were all competing for the crown. Most speculated that the Biebs would run away with it hands down. I mean, I don't like the kid's music, but he's been pretty successful and his movie premiered at number two this weekend (pulling in $30 million).

But, Justin Bieber didn't win. Nor did Florence & The Machine. Nor did Mumford & Sons. To the surprise of pretty much everyone (including herself, I think) 26-year-old Esperanza Spalding from Portland, Oregon took home the prize!

Who is Esperanza Spalding? Well, she's a classically trained musician who plays the stand up bass. Her last album, Chamber Music Society sold a mere 31,000 copies. But, apparently the powers that be decided that she was the best candidate. Do you agree?

What's next from Esperanza? Well, that's hard to tell. The Best New Artist award has been rumored to be a bit of a curse. Though, we can't say that it's cursed everyone that's won it. Read more about the curse here.