With all this snow, I figured it's a good time to talk about the different types of drivers we can't stand when it comes driving in the snow.

1. Mr. 4 Wheel Drive. Yes I said Mr!

I drive a Tahoe with 4 wheel drive and I spent about 5 years of my life living in Northern Michigan, plus I've experienced driving through an ice storm in the mountains of Wyoming.

I'm secure in my driving ability on ice, but just because you hit that 4 wheel drive button DOES NOT mean you've somehow hit the magic button to keep you on the road.

Is this why we always see SUVs flipped on their side. Slow down, extra traction doesn't mean improved stopping ability.

2. The Cut Off King/ Queen

Driving down 28th on my way to work today there was a woman who needed to get in front of me before we hit the stop light. She accelerates and cuts me off, to top it off she never cleaned her car off, so now I'm driving in my own little white out.

This type of driver reminds me of the kid in school that borrows your pencil and never gives it back, then you end up getting in trouble because you didn't come prepared for class. The "Cut Off King/ Queen" cuts you off, you slip and rear-end them, you get the ticket.

3. The "Dim" wit.

Is that a gust of wind blowing up that snow? Nope! It's a car barreling down the road with no headlights on!

I have two theories on this one.

First, they must not realize  with the snow it's too bright outside for the auto headlight sensor to switch the headlights on. With that theory, I forgive you but please double check.

Theory number 2: You're an idiot, turn your headlights on!

Be safe!