This cuddly little Draggle Hatchimal could be yours, if you're the highest bidder!  This year the hottest toy of the season is the Hatchimal and we are auctioning one away for charity!

The "3-Day" Hatchimal Charity Auction will take place on the Connie & Curtis show from Tuesday, Dec 6 at 6am to Thursday morning at 10am.  The Hatchimal Charity Auction will benefit Kid's Food Basket, a nonprofit organization empowering communities to attack childhood hunger so that young people can learn and live well.

Big thanks to Meijer for hunting down one of the elusive Draggle Hatchimal eggs!  Plus they are going to match the winning donation up to $1,000 to Kid's Food Basket!

BIDDING: Fill out the form below to bid on the Draggle Hatchimal.  The bidding will not require a form of payment.  Each time a new high bid is submitted between 6am and 10am on December 6, 7, and 8, the high bid will be updated. On December 8th at the end of the Connie & Curtis show we will do a final check for bids and announce who has bid the highest for the Draggle Hatchimal!  The high bidder will receive the Draggle Hatchimal after a donation equal to their high bid is placed to Kid's Food Basket.  If the high bidder fails to respond when contacted to coordinate the donation, the second highest bidder will become the new high bidder.  We will contact the high bidder and coordinate their donation with Kid's Food Basket and Meijer on Thursday, December 8.  Please only denominations you are willing to donate.

High Bid

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