This is FAR AND WIDE the cutest commercial you'll see this year for the Super Bowl.


Remember that sappy Super Bowl commercial that Anheuser-Busch did last year, where a man is reunited with a horse that he raised, after he sent him away to become one of the Budweiser Clydesdales?

For whatever reason, a lot of people considered it one of the best ads from last year's Super Bowl . . . if not THE best . . . so Budweiser is going back to that well again, hoping to recapture the tear-jerking magic.

In their new ad, which just hit the Internet, the same trainer-guy is featured, with a Clydesdale . . . and, to RAMP UP THE CUTENESS, a 10-week-old puppy.

Like the last ad, this one is supposed to tug at your heartstrings as the puppy befriends the horse . . . and even though they're repeatedly being separated . . . the puppy keeps coming back to the horse, until the trainer eventually adopts it.