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Here's the review from Producer Amanda

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are finally coming to life on the big screen and it looks very exciting. Of course, like most readers (of which I am not), I got a very different picture in my head of what the main characters would look like. For Christian Grey I pictured….well, Simon Baker. For Anastasia I guess I kind of almost hoped I could audition and get the part.

But, enough of that onto the actual trailer. This trailer is actually way more than I would have expected. Many of the movie details has been kept very hush hush. So the fact that this trailer was almost three minutes long was actually a plus.

Here’s one thing that did annoy me however, the intensity of the music. I know that much of Christian’s character is based on his love of classical music. Seriously though, this trailer pushed it on me a little too strong. I can seriously envision myself having to take an aspirin before the movie to avoid the inevitable headache.

My absolute favorite thing about the trailer was that it was very obvious that this movie isn’t messing around. They get right into the details of the book and you almost feel like you could take the book with you and follow along like you are reading. When I see movie based on a book I like to see that.

All in all this trailer was respectable. My thesis…which should have come first…This trailer will leave you counting down the days until Valentine’s day.