Kris Jenner, the mind behind the Kardashian empire, took time out of her busy schedule to join Kidd Kraddick and the gang the other day.  Kris talks about Khloe's move to Dallas, Bruce's obsession with his helicopters, and compares her butt to her daughter Kim's butt (courtesy of a question from Big Al Mac.)

After the general Kardashian chit chat, Kris jumps into plugging a very peculiar product.  It's called Zestra and it is a sexual enhancement cream.

“I know sex is going to be good with Zestra, so why have sex without it?”

—Kris Jenner

Needless to say the Kardashian girls are a bit embarrassed by their mother.  And who wouldn't be when Kris is running around saying similar quotes on national television and radio?

Listen to the complete interview here: