On Saturday, November 5th, the B.O.B hosted its annual GR .1K race to raise awareness and to help find the cure for Duchenne, a type of Muscular Dystrophy. It's a short race, for a big cause!

But just because it's a short race doesn't mean the runners didn't deserve the best reward of them all... food :) In conjunction with the race, a Kids Iron Chef competition was held after the race. Five kids were teamed up with "celebrity" chefs from around the area and each went head-to-head in a battle of noodles!

Curtis and I both had the opportunity to be judges for the competition so it was a lot of fun walking around, talking to the kids and seeing what each contestant was coming up with.

A table of different ingredients was set up on a table and each kid had to choose the ingredients they wanted. Between them, and their celebrity chef, they had to come up with the best macaroni & cheese dish using those ingredients.

The best part about judging is OBVIOUSLY getting to try all the food and although it was really hard to choose a winner... it had to be done!

Curtis, myself, and another chef had to try each dish and then rate each one on a scale based on different categories. In the end, Jason & Chef Andy Krause (head chef at Frederik Meijer Gardens) won the competition.

Jason & Chef Andy Krause the Winners of Kids Iron Chef!

This was their winning dish which had a perfect amount of spice and heat, crunchiness, cheesiness and bacon!

Christine George/Townsquare Media

You can see the rest of the pictures from the competition in the gallery below. Thank you to everyone who makes this event possible and having me be a part of it. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

You can learn more about Duchenne and how you can get involved here.