Is there something people do on social media that really annoys you?

There are lots of people who have no problem sharing their lives on social media, with Facebook being the biggest platform. From their innermost thoughts to pictures of themselves and families, people are constantly sharing a part of themselves to others... and sometimes oversharing.

A survey, by, of 10,000 people found the most annoying type of Facebook posts. The categories were broken down into five groups: Personal Problems, Selfies, Food Pictures, Political Posts, and Baby Pictures. Personal problems topped the list for most states. Metro says that 62% of men and 67% of women found that posting about your personal problems is the worst.

In order from most to least these are the most annoying type of Facebook posts:

Your Personal Problems

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Food Pictures

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Political Posts

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Baby Pictures


In Michigan, the majority of us found that personal problems were the most annoying posts.

The survey also found that 56% of people look at their ex's Facebook 10-15 times per month! Sounds like we're really hung up on what our ex's are up to. In addition, most of us  think we can go 60-90 days without using social media. I'd actually like to see people try this and see if they can go through it without breaking their social media silence.

You can see a map showing the most annoying Facebook posts by each state here.

What do you find as the most annoying type of Facebook post?