Now, I know there are some Ryan Gosling super-fans out there-- they  'occupied' People Magazines headquarters when the mag had the audacity to name Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive in 2011, beating out Mr. Gosling. It has to be these folks, then, who are buying up the new Ryan Gosling coloring book, Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling, faster than you can say Hey girl.

The coloring book comes to us courtesy of I Love Mel, also know as English artist Mel Simone Elliott. Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling offers 15 pages of sketches of the hunky actor from his roles in The Notebook, Blue Valentine, Lars and the Real Girl, and some promotional shots as well. Oh yes, and of course,  a drawing from Crazy, Stupid, Love-- So, go ahead girl,  sharpen those crayolas and color in some perfect Ryan Gosling abs.


Get your copy of Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling for just under $12 at Maiden Shop.


I mean, with it being back to school time and all, you probably have some extra markers lying around, right?