I can write a book about all the things that I learned as a new father this Christmas. I can write all day about the many things, but I will just go over a few.

#1. Children's Toys are over secured in the package. I had to call in a special locksmiths on this Christmas day (sarcasm) just to remove a toy that was worth $11.00 (guesstimate) from a box. I understand companies want to cut down on shoplifting, but mother of gawd, it probably cost you more than it did to make the toy for all the zip ties you put in these things.

#2. Driving as a parent in bad weather is way worse then driving by yourself. My jaw hurt from clinching my teeth as I drove through Lansing yesterday in slight flurries. I saw 22 vehicles in a ditch, rolled over, or spun out. Not a made up number. I have lived in 7 different states and have driven through more states then I can count. Michigan drivers are the worst. I am from Michigan, so no bias, my fellow Michigan drivers... You are not more important than anyone else on the road.

#3. This is gonna sound worse then how I mean it. But why buy gifts for your kid when all they want is the wrapping paper and packaging? Oh, the money I could have saved if I knew that. Every parent knows what I mean. Even though the gifts she received are gonna be around much longer, the excitement they get from all that wrapping paper is just as worth it to them, or at least to my daughter.

Those are just a few, lol. Christmas is gonna be great for years to come if you are a new parent like myself.