To be honest with you, a man's fashion sense is pretty standard... shirt, pants, shoes and socks. All that is fine unless the shirts are those crop tops and the pants are jeggings. Ugh!

I decided that woman needed to know about certain things to help their men since most of us are helpless with fashion. That is why I am posting this list from of the top 10 fashion mistakes men make with things the shouldn't ever wear. Here goes...

1. Monokinis
What the heck are these? I had to google it. A monokini is a one-piece bathing suit with straps that extend from the trunks over the shoulder. Yeah, thank the lord not too many of these do not exist on the beach.

2. Crop tops
We all know that men like to show off your six-pack, heck I liked to show mine off... when I had one. But to wear a shirt that shows us your belly just looks funny... so don't.

3. Sheer shirts
Whether they are just pure see-through, net or mesh, please do not wear this. Go sleeveless or just shirtless instead of taking part in this mistake.

4. Harem pants
The legs are narrow and the man region is enlarged. Who thought that would be flattering? Some may need it for pure anatomy reasons, but not just because.

5. Mustaches
I have one, and will not shave it... I do not care what this survey says. lol

6. Socks and sandals
This is the oldest mistake in the book. It is more than OK to wear sandals, BUT NOT WITH SOCKS! Do I need to yell it louder?

7. Cropped pants
I call them floods. Do not wear these unless you wanna get laughed at... by everyone!

8. Jeggings
Jeggings are part skinny jeans and part stretchpants. They're so tight, they can practically cut off circulation to the lower half of your body. I wouldn't know, so I will take's word for it.

9. Deep V-necks
V-necks are great, but when the V is down to your knees. Thanks.

10. Big hair
Forget about the AquaNet fellas, the 80's is long gone. Bon Jovi cut his hair, you can too.

Just a little Fashion FYI for all the fellas. What are some things you see around GR that bugs you fashion wise?