Well, now I've pretty much seen it all, I think.

Introducing the VBAC Baby doll. You may be asking yourself what, exactly, that is. Well, let me tell you, it's one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.

VBAC stands for "vaginal birth after Cesarian", and obviously, that's something very important for pre-schoolers to learn about.

The doll comes with a c-section scar and a tiny baby complete with umbilical cord and placenta! Seriously. Oh, and the baby can be birthed. Via the place that babies are birthed from. It's hand stitched.

The company that produces these things, Mamamor, makes "handcrafted birthing and breastfeeding dolls". Why?!? I have a really hard time understanding these things at all. I get it, they help kids witness and model positive nurturing behaviors. But, couldn't you just use a regular doll for that?

I feel like I'm too young for these dolls!