Forget the Shake Weight, forget those weird suits that look like tents that you're supposed to wear around so you sweat off the pounds and forget the Thigh Master, because there's a new piece of fitness equipment that's so ridiculous that you won't be able to even wrap your brain around it. Presenting the Facial Fitness Pal PAO!

I get the draw of non-surgical facelift procedures. We all want to have tight and healthy skin, but surgery is expensive, risky, and painful. The Facial Fitness Pal PAO claims that it will strengthen your facial muscles by acting as a Shake Weight for your mouth area. Not only do you get the benefits of a weighted facial workout, but you also get to look like you're attempting to bite the head off of a bird while you do it.

The Facial Fitness Pal PAO is unfortunately only available in Japan right now.