With temperatures near 50 expected this weekend, you may be wondering if you can still go skiing?!

Well Cannonsburg Ski Area says “YES YOU CAN.”

They actually had to close early on Monday due to wet weather, but say they are prepared for this weekend’s warmer weather.  In fact, they’ve been preparing for the last couple of days.

John Losey, The Ski and Ride director at Cannonsburg told WOODTV 8 that since the ski area makes snow, they have tricks, including pushing giant mounds of snow around the slopes to “trick Mother Nature”, plus they make their own snow too.

John says that this weekend he expects to see what the ski area calls “Spring Skiers” out this weekend.  They are skiers that come out only when the weather warms up.  John told WOODTV 8 he wouldn’t be surprised to see them in shorts and t-shirts.  He also told the TV station that warm weather keeps people from coming out to the slopes more than it melts the snow:

“[Customers are] standing in their house… they’re looking outside, they’re seeing the grass growing,” Losey said. “They’re seeing green out there.”


“People are hoping that we’ll be here and open through March and that’s our goal to be here through probably mid-March,” he said.


Cannonsburg will reopen Tuesday, although there could be some early delays. If you’re planning to go skiing, John suggests you check out the ski area’s website for up-to-date information on the slopes.