So I found my new best friend.  Well, technically I still need to find who he is, but a guy in Muskegon County just won $4 million on a $30 scratch off with the Michigan Lottery.

He has decided to stay anonymous, but he bought the $30 World Class Millions scratch off at store in Three Rivers.  He bought 3 tickets and won $50 on the first one, $4 million on the second and then $40 on the third ticket.  I think I just need him to go buy me a few scratchers since he has such good luck!

He plans to take the 30 year pay out of the $4 million, which means he’ll get $133,000 a year.  He said after he gets his debt paid off, he plans to retire early.  LUCKY!

By the way, the game he played, World Class Millions, seems to be a good paying game.. in just over a year, players have won over $75 million dollars.