A group called #RethinkHomelessness asked people who are living on the streets to write down a fact about themselves, that no one would ever know just by walking past them.

This is pretty powerful.

I've always been fascinated by stories from people who find themselves in any situation. For example, how did Warren Buffet rise to the top? How did some of the people featured in this video end up on the streets? What went wrong? What chain of events led to that result?

I think the same way about events leading up to a horrific crime. I mean look at the news, the last few months we've had some pretty disgusting violent crimes happen around West Michigan. I don't think I have to go into specifics, but what long term chain of events were set into motion that, not only allowed those events to happen, but included the people that it did?

Anyway, going back to the video. I love videos like this because it shows that everybody has a story. It also proves that a lot of us are only a couple of bad situations away from living on the streets.