Let's face it, all of us spend more then we have... If we didn't, then there would not be such a thing as credit. But some of us spend our money a little more wisely then others. MSN.com did a study to find some of those things that people in their twenties waste money on.

#1.) Apartments They Can't Afford. A lot of 20-somethings think they DESERVE a nice apartment... even if they just got out of school and don't make much money. When I was twenty, I had a roommate or two... and was still broke.

#2.) Lunch During the Work week. People in their twenties are much less likely to pack a lunch. And if you spend $15 on lunch five days a week, that's $3,750 a year. I don't know about you, but that is money that I just do not have to be wasting.

#3.) Partying. If you go out one night a week and spend $75, that's $3,600 a year. Before I met my fiance and had a baby, this was a problem for me... not so much anymore, lol. And a lot of people in their twenties go out WAY more than one night a week.

#4.) Coffee. This isn't just for people in their twenties, but people in their twenties are more likely to order expensive drinks like cappuccinos, because they still haven't learned to tolerate what some consider a normal cup of coffee... which you can make for about 20 cents. If you spend $5 at a coffee shop five days a week, you're spending over a thousand dollars a year on coffee.

It is just insane to think that many people, not just people in their twenties, are wasting money on stuff like this every day. What are some of the things you waste money on, in other words, stuff you don't need to be buying?