We love Reddit! They always ask the best questions!

Reddit users were asked about things that happen that never stop being awkward...and did they come up with some GOOD ONES!

1.  Accidentally making eye contact with someone over and over.

2.  Responding to someone's question, then realizing they're talking on a Bluetooth.

3.  When you clog the toilet at someone else's house.

4.  Sitting there when people sing "Happy Birthday" to you . . . especially when it's the staff at a restaurant.

5.  Doing that little side-to-side dance when you're walking toward a stranger and neither one of you knows which way to go.

6.  Being friendly and saying "Hi" to a stranger at the grocery store . . . then bumping into them over and over in different aisles.

7.  When someone you haven't seen in a while remembers your name . . . and you can't remember theirs.

8.  Fist bumping a high five, and vice versa.

9.  Asking someone to pay you back, especially when it's not a lot of money and a lot of time has passed since they borrowed it.

10.  When someone says, "Well this is awkward" during a pause in a conversation.  Because now it's even MORE awkward, jackass.