I'm trying to count in my head how many times I've said, "I just want to buy an old Airstream camper, move to the woods and commute to work." Minus the woods part, this guy did that.

My reasoning for that is not because I dislike the city, it just gets loud sometimes. I've rented apartment space all my life, so quiet evenings are few and far between. After a 5 hour radio show, talking to the amazing people that call into the show, jamming to some pretty great music, and trolling the internet for new things to share with you; that quiet space is an important part of disconnecting for the day.

I'm a textbook introvert. Ask anyone I work with, they'll agree with that. Introverts are outgoing when we need to be, but at the end of the day we need to recharge, it sounds stupid but it's true.

The guy featured in the video is Clint Reynolds. I didn't know it when I first grabbed the video from Reddit, but he's a BMX rider. I believe he's competed in the X Games; so I have to assume he's making enough money that would allow him to move from the trailer, and out of his friend's backyard. To be fair, I don't know much about BMX, so forgive me if I'm not giving him enough credit.

I will give him credit for his lifestyle. That's the dream, for me I wouldn't want to live in my friend's backyard though. Haul that trailer to a piece of property in the woods, 30 minutes outside of downtown, and I would be one happy camper (literally). I'm sure my thoughts on that would change when the temperature falls below 40 for the first time.

To the women reading this: It really doesn't take much for a guy to be happy.

To the men reading this: Telling a woman you're living in a trailer in the woods might come off creepy.

To everyone: This video is proof that money isn't everything, happiness comes from within. Here's a guy doing what he loves, living how he wants, and not caring what the world thinks.

To my neighbors: Please quiet down, also get off my rented lawn.