I talked about this on my show today, but wanted to share it on here as well. WHAS News in Louisville, Kentucky, reports that some guy named Chris Bakanauskas (your guess is as good as mine on how to say it) may be one of the dumbest dudes ever. He "allegedly" tried to escape from his cell at the Jefferson County Courthouse, when he "reportedly" ran straight into a packed courtroom full of... well, you guessed it... Cops!

Chris was being placed in jail when he attacked a deputy in his attempt to escape. So after this guy thought of the brilliant plan of trying to run from police... he ran straight into a room full of them. He charged through what he thought was an exit door, when he found himself in a courtroom where he was quickly tackled by court employees. Despite all of the nonsense, no one in the courtroom or nearby was in serious danger or injured.

I am glad people like this exist to show us what not to do in life.