Car makers spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to sell cars to people. I think they may be a little misguided, however because Chevy just put out a commercial that's basically one full minute that leads to the realization that one day, your brand new puppy will die.

Go ahead, take a minute to pull yourself together after watching it. I'll wait.

The commercial, which I found via Digg, starts with a woman in a dark room hugging her dog, who is obviously pretty old. Suddenly, we are whisked back in time to look at their life together in reverse. There are moves, breakups, graduation, and other milestones. Occasionally, they're driving around in a Chevy together. During the flashbacks, it hits you - this woman is at the vet to put her dog down

"A best friend for life's journey," says the commercial. Is this really a commercial? Or is it just a sad short film about dog death with some Chevy products in it?