We all have those times where we are craving foods that we know, for sure, that we shouldn't eat. But, when there's nothing to keep you from eating them, what are you to do? Give in to those urges, of course! Until now. Now, there's apparently a room spray that will kill your appetite! Can I have this in every room of my house? Forever?

Stink Yourself Slim is a room spray that costs £29.99 in the UK and "trains your brain" to avoid snacking. The packaging says it's "The world's first malodorant to aid weight loss". I'm sure...

So how does it work? Well, they say you can just spritz your your 'danger cupboard' (the one that contains all of the junk food) with the spray and apparently you will find your desire to snack between meals or eat in response to emotional situations disappear.

Basically, it smells bad and makes you not want to eat what's in that cupboard. Doesn't seem that tricky.

This weirdo product that may or may not work is the brainchild of Alex Fontaine MBE.