The World Wide Web turned 25 yesterday, we celebrate with a Throwback Thursday video that will take you back!

Being 30 I am just on the edge of knowing life before the World Wide Web. Mom and dad got us dialed up when I was in 8th grade, that would be around 1998. I hardy remember what it was like before AIM, Netscape and those awesome AOL discs that use to come in the mail.

This video is almost comical because these reporters had NO clue what this big technological mystery was about to become.

So, the video above was from 1981, the one below is a bit further ahead in time in 1994. This is from 'The Today Show' with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric trying to figure out what the '@' sign meant.

I have to give a special props to some of the senior citizens today like my grandma. She totally  missed the first generation of computers. She never had a desktop or laptop, but she jumped straight into the tablet world last year!