Happy Throwback Thursday! The day we dig out embarrassing pics and videos from the past and decide to share them with everyone. Well, I'm not sure how embarrassing this video is. Because it's baby Justin Timberlake covering Garth Brooks! So mostly it's just adorable. And, since it's JT: impressive! He had moves even way back then!

The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2009 by Sarah Fortune. She writes:

"My cousin competed in talent competitions in the Memphis area in the early 90s. It just so happens that Justin Timberlake did too & we found the video. Here he's singing "Two of a Kind" by Garth Brooks and wins (duh)."

It is pretty incredible how talented JT was, even as a little guy.  There's some fancy two-stepping in there, cowboy hat tricks, and he even does a pretty great version of the Garth Brooks "growl"!