The big game is this weekend and surprisingly affordable, as cheap as $30 a ticket!

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Well, that's assuming you have a valid Michigan State student id. I guess, it isn't a surprise that since the Michigan State season isn't going so well (0-4) and they're taking on a very strong University of Michigan (4-0), the students are selling their tickets.

Tickets in the student section (as I write this) are as cheap as $29! That's a bargain! Unless you don't have a student I.D. Then it's useless paper.

The cheapest non-student section seats I could find are in the $100 range. Still, not horrible I guess.

My only knowledge of the Michigan State / University of Michigan rivalry comes from my mother-in-law and her sister (aunt-in-law?). My MIL roots for U of M and AIL(?) roots for State. Good-natured ribbing ensues on both parts, however this year, I hear Aunt Jan hasn't had much to say.

Still, don't lose hope State fans... isn't the expression "any given Sunday". On the other hand Jabrill Peppers is ridiculously fast, Evans is no slouch either, and well, the rest of the team is good too.

Like I say I'm no sports guy, I just watch the games from time to time. And of course I'll be watching the game this weekend, but from the couch as we're expecting company.

Here's hoping for a good game and that everybody comes out healthy.