Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has been named at TIME Magazine's (second youngest ever) Person Of The Year for 2010.

Why? You may ask, is this kid who did something on the Internet worthy of such high praise? Well, as it turns out, 1 in 10 people in the world use Facebook, and if it were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. The magazine is referring to Zuckerberg as the "connector" and I'd have to say that I can't think of a better title for him. Mark had some stiff competition this year. He was up against the Chilean Miners, The Tea Party, Julian Assange (the Wikileaks guy) and Hamid Karzai (the leader of Afghanistan). That's quite the line-up, I must say.  Here's a pretty good article about why Zuckerberg was chosen.

Who do you think should be TIME's person of the year this year? Do you agree with their decision?