Feeling tired today? That may not be the only problem associated with the time change.

WZZM says:

A 2008 study in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that heart attacks rise the days after the spring time change due to disturbed sleep patterns.

Another study done by Live-Science shows that even our pets may feel sluggish. The same study added that traffic accidents increase the days after we turn the clocks ahead because we're extra groggy.

Increased chance of a heart attack and more traffic accidents? No thanks. Apparently your pet agrees.

The time change is good for some businesses and we've been told it saves energy. But how much energy does it save?

Yahoo says:

Scientific American noted studies conducted in Indiana that showed daylight saving time actually caused an increase of 1 percent in residential electricity use, costing consumers an extra $9 million.

The California Energy Commission noted a negligible 0.02 percent drop in energy use.

The U.S. Department of Energy conducted a larger study over multiple states and found that DST saved 0.5 percent of electricity consumption in the U.S.

So whether Daylight Saving Time saves money depends on where you live. It actually costs more in some areas.

Nobody ever talks about the effect it has on kids. My 9-month-old isn't going to change his nap and eating schedule because we changed our clocks. He already proved that at church this morning. Even worse is the effect it could have on older kids and their schoolwork.

If Daylight Saving Time does not have an overwhelming effect on energy savings, I can not find an overwhelming reason to continue doing it. If certain businesses and schools wish to adjust their schedules according to the amount of available daylight, why not just adjust your hours with the changing seasons?

Let's make a deal. In exchange for losing an hour in spring we'll add a day the same weekend! We'll call it "Spring Ahead - Double Saturday Weekend!" Until then, please keep the coffee hot for me.

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