So I'm not there yet, but at some point in the next 100 hundred years I'm going to start to think about raising a family. While my cat, Money Bags, and I are pretty mobile now and we could live just about anywhere, when the time comes, things like school district and low crime rate will play a role in the decision of where to settle my family. MSN Lifestyle has compiled a helpful list of the best cities for families in 2011.

MSN crunched more than 8,000 bits of data and  found these cities to be the top ten:

10. Louisville, KY

Louisville offers pasture-rich grasslands, Midwestern city culture, and affordable housing.

9. Seattle, WT

Named one of America's most literate cities, Seattle also boasts a steady job market and lush vegetation.

8. Omaha, NE

Omaha's vibrant art and music scene, combined with strong schools and vibrant job market earn it a spot on the list.

7. Honolulu, HI

Aside from being a tropical paradise, Honolulu's also serves as Hawaii's center for art, culture, and theater.

6. Madison, WI

Madison's bike trails and lakes make for free outdoor fun and the University of Wisconsin's campus provides musesums, art, and theater.

5. Des Moines, IA

Ranking in the top 10 for both education and health, Des Moines also has a very low unemployment rate.

4.  Minneapolis- St. Paul, MN

Minneapolis offers an extensive park and recreation system and several pro sports teams for those family outings.

3. Boston, MA

Ranking high in health and education, Boston also boasts beatiful parks and community gardens.

2. Austin, TX

Austin's abundance of pediatricians, parkland, and famers markets make it a very healty home town; music and film festivals make it a cultural hot-spot.

1. Washington, DC

Our nation's capital tops the list. The government,  the historty, the brilliant atrichture, and abundance of musems make DC a mecca for culture and lifelong learning.