According to a recent survey presented by McAfee, a security Internet technology company, about 70% of teens try to hide their behavior online from their parents. That is up from an relatively low number of 45% of just two years ago.

Many parents feel behind on the times with technology and the Internet and just hope it doesn't get further out of hand, but it just may, as too many kids are getting away with it. The teens are not only engaging in dangerous online actions, but also have become more knowledgeable then their parents.

These are the top 10 ways teens fool their parents about their online actions, according to McAfee:

1. Clear the browser history: 53%
2. Close/minimize the browser when a parent walks in the room: 46%
3. Hide or delete IMs or videos: 34%
4. Lie or omit details about online activities: 23%
5. Use a computer parents don't check: 23%
6. Use an Internet-enabled mobile device: 21%
7. Use privacy settings to make certain content viewable only by friends: 20%
8. Use private browsing modes: 20%
9. Create private e-mail address unknown to parents: 15%
10. Create duplicate/fake social network profiles: 9%

Is there anything that your kid does to try to mislead you that was not provided on the list?