We've all been there. You're at the bar, minding your own business, sippin' a drink. Next thing you know, BAM! Dude in your face. Now maybe he's cute and you're into it... until he opens his mouth. Terrible pick-up lines-- no one is safe from them. And not just  usual "Come here often?" -- no, no, there's much worse out there.

For example, there's the time a guy walked up to my friend and announced "You have the biggest boobs in the WORLD!!" She did slap him, to her credit. But who just walks up to someone and says that? And really, did he think she'd be like, "Thank you so much! What a nice thing to say! We should date!" ??

Or the time, same friend (yes, she attracts some winners), needed to do some shopping, so she's walking into Target. A normal enough looking guy pulls up next to her. Guy: "Can I ask you a question?" Friend: "Um, sure." Guy: "Can I smell your feet?" Yes, that is a true story. That actually happened.

Some more gems:

"Nice booty, girl. Can I set my drink on it?"

"I like big girls. My daughter is a big girl."

Your turn! We wanna hear your most cringe-worthy pick up lines. What's the absolute worst you've ever heard? Send them on in to janna.hoke@townsquaremedia.com,  share 'em on facebook, or comment right here.

Then stay tuned-- we'll post the best of the worst put it to a vote. Your input will decide the top 10 worst pick up lines ever!