Kidabaloo is only a week away and I wanted to give you 3 reasons why you need to be there!  Technically there are waaay more reasons than 3 reasons to be a Kidabaloo… but I’m like Dory and lose focus after 3.

Ok, Top 3 reasons to be a Kidabaloo

  • Jeff Musial, the “Animal Guy” will be there. He’s been on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Animal Planet and more.  PLUS he has little animals as his friends, which he’ll be bringing with him!! Need a refresher on who Jeff is? Watch this video


  • We’ll have a fire truck, ambulance and police car for the kids to check out and turn on the lights and sirens… (even if they say no, we’re gonna turn them on anyway!)


  • AND We’ll also have this really cool swing thing at Kidabaloo…


Ready to have fun with us?? I could also mention we’ll have a climbing wall and bounce house (so technically I could have had 4!!)

It’s all happening Saturday, November 5th at DeVos Place – tickets are on sale now and you can even get VIP tickets for Jeff and get to meet him after the show (he’ll probably even have his baby kangaroo with him!!!)