It's no surprise that guys don't like to see a girl cry, but you may raise an eyebrow after you learn what happens when you serve your beau soy products!

According to, there are some unexpected things that may turn off your man!

  • Your Tears -- Researchers have found that when men smell a woman's tears, they become less attracted to her.
  • Makeup -- A survey found that one in five men wished his partner would tone down their makeup, while one in 10 said he liked women with NO makeup.
  • Fruity or Foody Scents -- According to a scent test done by editors at Cosmopolitan, sugary-smelling, fruity or lollipop perfumes make guys think of the candy store or the kitchen, and not the bedroom.
  • Soy -- Even if he's a health nut, don't let your guy eat soy. Soy is chemically similar to estrogen, which can squash his libido.