Phew, I'm glad that Justin Bieber didn't fall into the top slot of Twitter Trend's for the year.  Not that I have anything against him, it's just nice to see that he isn't on everyone's minds all the time.  The top 10 trends have a few obvious choices; the Haiti earthquake, the World Cup, and of course Bieber.  But their are a few that you wouldn't expect to have trended so high.  Read on to find out the top ten!

The top 10 Overall Trends for Tiwtter in 2010 are....

1. Gulf Oil Spill  (makes sense, huge news story)

2. FIFA World Cup  (again... makes sense.  Largest sporting event in the world)

3. Incepetion  (that Leonardo DiCaprio movie!?  Really #3?  I saw it, it wasn't THAT good)

4. Haiti Earthquake  (makes you wonder what type of world we live in where Inception beats this out, huh?)

5. Vuvuzela  (this was the source of that weird humming sound you heard whenever you watched a World Cup match.  It is a large plastic horn that is tooted on non-stop throughout the World Cup)

6. Apple iPad  (WANT ONE!)

7. Google Android (this was a big story... some said it could be the iPhone killer)

8. Justin Bieber (ahhhhh, the Biebs... my Mom used to call me Biebs as a child, why aren't I a millionaire too?)

9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (the first half of the  final installments of the Harry Potter series, understandable why it trended so high)

10. Pulpo Paul  (he was that octopus that predicted the World Cup outcome.  I could have too if I had that many arms.)

So there you have it, the top 10 Trends from Twitter 2010... 1 celebrity, 2 movies, 2 disasters, 2 pieces of technology, 3 world cup related topics, and an octopus.  Sometimes twitter makes me a little worried about whats next in the wild world of the internet!

If you want the full list from Click Here (it also has the top 10 trends broken up by categories i.e. News Events, People, Technology, Movies, etc.