Get excited, children of the 80's and 90's, because one of your favorite things about going to school back then is about to come back. Trapper Keepers.

You remember Trapper Keepers, right? They were pretty much the best things ever. They kept all of your stuff in one place, and even had that sweet pencil-holder pouch. According to Mashable, Trapper Keepers aren't just a thing of the past anymore. They're making a comeback.

Times have changed, however, and kids (and adults) in 2014 don't really use loose-leaf notebook paper as much as they use laptops and tablets. Which is why Kensington has partnered with the good people at Mead (maker of the Trapper Keeper) to bring out a new Trapper Keeper aimed at 8-inch and 10-inch tablets.

The designs are remnant of the classic Trapper Keeper and Pee Chee folder designs of the early 1980s. But instead of storing papers, it's just a universal tablet case.

It looks like they will be available in both eight and ten inch sizes, with the eight inch version selling for $25 and the ten inch selling for $30. You can order yours now, but they won't ship until September. I don't think these smaller versions will be very good for creating a little wall on your desk so that your neighbor won't copy your paper, but they're still going to be awesome.

I'm a little disappointed at the variety of designs currently. I mean, I had a sweet Trapper Keeper with kittens on it, and I think my brother had one with some sort of car, and these are just plain colors except for that one that has old-time-y athletes on it. They need to get Lisa Frank on this project stat.

If you're thinking that you don't really want a Trapper Keeper for your tablet, you want the real thing, you're in luck. The original Trapper Keeper for papers and folders and what not will be coming back, too. The new Trapper Keeper sets will be available in July at Target.