After 6 seasons of vampires, werewolves and love triangles will one of HBO's most beloved shows be saying goodbye?

Let's face it. If you're a lover of True Blood then you're probably thinking to yourself; "What has happened?"

Yeah, the show started out as an innocent dark dramedy about vampires coming out of the coffin. However, it has turned into so much more. Sookie was about to become a vampire-fairy queen for a moment there.

Of course story lines develop over time but some are wondering if it's too far gone to bring it back around.

Well, the ending might come sooner than we think. Though no exact decisions have been made yet about the fate of the show at this time.

Writers will meet soon and those first few meetings will determine the fate of the show. We know that season 7 is coming in June of 2014. However, who knows if that will be the last time we look into the lives of the citizens of Bon Temps. \