Crossing 30 is, so far, weird.

Also, my mom would have killed me if I did this as a kid.

Excuse the cheesy video, but I can't be the only one that eats that Goober's peanut butter and jelly stuff straight from the jar. Kids, this is what happens when you turn 30.

Let me make myself clear, the day I turned 30 was a pretty amazing day. It was back in November and I had just accepted this job. I was eager to take what I learned from my time in Northern Michigan and apply it to the new team here.

Also, I took a trip home to Toledo, where my mom threw me a pretty cool birthday party, this included family, some long lost friends and reliving my childhood as a 'Ghostbusters' fan. She had a Slimer cake made!!

At that point, turning 30 didn't phase me. I mean how cool is all that? New job, old friends, family, and Slimer!

Then as the dust settled I started getting the 30's blues. What's that? Simple, comparing yourself to where your friends are in life. Here I am at 30, not married or even close to it, no kids, living in a crappy one bedroom apartment, and eating Goober's straight from the jar.

On the positive side, I have this great job, I have YOU reading this (and hopefully listening to the show), live in an amazing town, I'm not pinned down, and just opened my life up to more opportunities than I've had in a really long time. All that with the maturity (used loosely) that I've been lacking for the last 10 years, minus the whole Goober's jelly thing.

I don't say any of the above to brag or seek pity, I'm convinced I'm not the only one who just crossed into 30 territory that has had some concerns.

So, to those that have passed 30, or are about to, does all that sound familiar?

One thing I have noticed about turning 30 is that I'm not concerned what other people think, like I use to be (see Goober's video above).

Another thing I noticed, immaturity when you're in your 20s is drinking until you puke. Immaturity in your 30s is, well, kind of cool. I'm talking about dumping full blown Oreo cookies in a bowl of milk and calling it breakfast, and mom isn't going to slap your hand.

Or, eating Goober's straight from the jar.

How did you feel when you hit 30?