Yearbook-- it was a huge deal when I was in high school. You wanted to get the most people to sign your yours. There were the classic "Stay cool!" and "Have fun over summer break!" messages. You also hoped your crush wrote something really sweet like "Had fun sitting next to you in Chemistry"-- right? Not to mention the photos! You wanted to look super awesome, with perfect hair and a great smile. (So your crush could totally be like "Wow, great pic." Haha!) Well, two teens from Whitecloud Michigan won't have pics in their yearbook this year. Why? Their photos were banned for showing their pregnant bellies.

Wood TV 8 Reports that Deonna Harris and Kimberly Haney, two pregnant teens from White Cloud High School, have been banned from showing their pregnant stomachs in their yearbook pictures.

The young ladies say they are being discriminated against. White Cloud Superintendent, Barry Seabrook, stated that allowing the pictures to appear in the yearbook would be contrary to  the state's mandate that public schools' sex-education curricula be abstinence-based. He said the photos would promote teen pregnancy.

Rather than opt to have their photos re-taken, the teens decided to not be pictured in the yearbook at all.

What do you think of the school's decision? Should baby bump pics not be allowed in high school yearbooks?